inside inside inside | Jo Ianni

Ghost Ships | Marilyn Irwin


Apothegms | Robert Hogg

rain’s small gestures | Pearl Pirie


EJECTA: The Uncollected KEYBOARDS! Poems | Justin Million


A Letter to Amanda Bernstein and a Checklist of Weed/Flower Press | Nelson Ball


Too Much Nothing | Elisha May Rubacha

Constellations | jesslyn delia smith / Amour de Soi | Jeff Blackman


An Egregore | Phil Hall

Sum: Word Maps | Gil McElroy

a readymade dictionary. | derek beaulieu


This End of the World: Notes to Robert Kroetsch | Lea Graham


Small Waterways | Nelson Ball

solar-powered light bulb and the lake’s achy tooth | Michael e. Casteels

the blue, blue there | Marilyn Irwin

The Lake Contains an Emergency Room | Lillian Nećakov


Bird Facts | Dave Currie

Five | jesslyn delia smith, Jeff Blackman, Cameron Anstee, Justin Million, Rachael Simpson

A Thinking Woman Sleeps With Monsters | Beth Follett

Poem About The Train | Ben Ladouceur

Minutiae | Nelson Ball


the grass is a yard now, again | jesslyn delia smith

How to Love a Lonely Man | Rhonda Douglas

Conservative Majority | Spencer Gordon

I simply began: an interview with rob mclennan [above/ground press at 20] | Cameron Anstee

So Long As The People Are People | Jeff Blackman

pleasantries and other misdemeanours | Christine McNair

Excerpts from Improbable Books: The Apt. 9 Installment | Stephen Brockwell


A Rural Pen | Phil Hall

Eiderdown | Rachael Simpson

Keys to the Idiot | Bardia Sinaee


HADRON | Justin Million

And I’ve Been Thinking Dangerously | Leah Mol

Exit Interviews | Jim Smith

Accidentals | Claudia Coutu Radmore

Site Conditions | Monty Reid

The Delicious Fields | Jeremy Hanson-Finger

there was a man who loved to murder | Michael Dennis

TUKTOYUKTUK | Ben Ladouceur

Wm Hawkins Folio


Sweet & Sour Nothings | William Hawkins

eating thistles | Peter Gibbon

Landforms | Leigh Nash

I Have Come To Talk About Manners | Stuart Ross

how are you she innocently asked | Michael Dennis


TWO BOYS carrying a box through a field .going somewhere | Michael Blouin

The Argossey | Ben Ladouceur

Guzzles | Justin Million

Rest Cure | Sandra Ridley

A Poem That Ends With Murder | Monty Reid

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