Apt. 9 Press

Apt. 9 Press publishes handmade chapbooks of poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction in limited editions by new and established writers. Our first titles were launched in August 2009. To date, we have published dozens of books, broadsides, and other pieces of small press ephemera, including two winners of the bpNichol Chapbook Award and the first chapbook to win the Nelson Ball Prize. Apt. 9 Press is based in Ottawa on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg people.

Books in-print can be purchased in our Etsy shop. We regularly run tables at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair and the Meet the Presses Indie Literary Market (Toronto), and sell books at readings. Out-of-print titles can be found on the used market (we recommend Apollinaire’s Bookshoppe, The Printed Word, Knife | Fork | Book, The Book Shop, and Attic Books to start).

Editor: Cameron Anstee

Contact: apt9press (at) gmail (dot) com

Selected Media:

2022 | David Ly. “Chapbooks as Living Art: An Interview with Cameron Anstee, Ashley Obscura, and Adele Barclay.” Hamilton Arts & Letters 15.1.

2022 | Jim Johnstone. “In Praise of the Mayfly: A Survey of Canadian Micropresses.” Hamilton Arts & Letters 15.1.

2020 | International Festival of Authors, Small Press Map

22 February 2017 | Ben Ladouceur. “The Same Aspirations Persist: An Interview with Cameron Anstee, editor of Apt. 9 Press

21 November 2016 | Nelson Ball wins the bpNichol Chapbook Award (Quill & Quire).

23 October 2013 | Andrew Faulkner. “Chapbooks! An Interview with Cameron Anstee, Mat Laporte and Bardia Sinaee.” Open Book: Toronto.

4 October 2011 | rob mclennan discusses the past and future of Apt. 9 Press at Open Book: Ontario.

14 May 2012 | rob mclennan writes Notes on Five Canadian Small (micro) Publishers.

6 April 2010 | 12 or 20 (small press) questions with Apt. 9

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