Jo Ianni | inside inside inside


5.5×8.5, 24pp, /90, $10.00

Sold out.

inside inside inside is a book of occasional poems—that is, poems written for the occasions of moments—that seek the mundane and the extraordinary in daily life with generosity and curiousity. Of Jo Ianni’s book, Tom Snarsky says: “These are poems, that’s that.” That’s that.

Poetry (November 2022)


8 December 2022: Review by rob mclennan: “There’s such a propulsion to these fragments, one that exists simultaneously with the fine precision of small, deliberate points, one word set carefully against another.”

22 December 2022: Heavy Feather Review, Jessi Bender Favourites of 2022: “As an object this press makes immaculate works of art. Jo’s poems inside it are brief moments that again and again demand I audit my own recklessness of language. Jo can pull out all the sounds of the words I use every day but have stopped listening to.”

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