Wm Hawkins Folio

ISBN 978-1-926889-00-9

8.5×11, 19pp, /50, $30.00

The Wm Hawkins Folio began as a bibliographic project, intended to document as completely as possible William Hawkins‘ catalogue of work. During the research and writing of the descriptive bibliography which now comprises half of the folio, William Hawkins gave his blessing to reproduce several of the legendary poster poems of the 1960s.

The poster poems were collaborations between Hawkins and visual artists working in Ottawa (among them Robert Rosewarne, Christopher Wells, Fran Jones and Andries Hamaan). The original posters measured two feet by three feet, approximately, and were produced on a “130 year old Washington Press.” The posters were sold for beer money, or posted around Ottawa in public places. They are incredibly rare items.

The folio collects the aforementioned descriptive bibliography, colour reproductions of four of the 1960s poster poems (“King Kong Goes to Rotterdam”; “Postage Stamps”; A Song of Flowers”; “Rubber Boots”) in letter size, an ad for the poster poems, two newspaper articles from the 1960s, and a further poster poem from 1980 (“Still Life”). The cover of the folio is a reproduction of Barbara Caruso’s cover for Ottawa Poems (Weed/Flower Press, 1966).

Publication of the Wm Hawkins Folio coincides with the publication of Sweet & Sour Nothings.

Non-Fiction (October 2010)


10 December 2010 | “Poems in a sleep English village” (Guerilla #26, December 2010); Cameron Anstee on reading and publishing William Hawkins.

24 November 2010 | Allison Smith at The Wig spoke to Apt. 9 on the eve of the reading by William Hawkins, Leigh Nash and Peter Gibbon.

18 October 2010 | Amanda Earl reflects generously on new titles from Peter Gibbon and William Hawkins following the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair.

7 October 2010 | Sweet & Sour Nothings and the Wm Hawkins Folio are considered by rob mclennan

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  1. long time fan of billy’s we go back to blue line cabbie days can’t make the launch but very interested in the gorgeous portfolio will catch you later love terry

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