William Hawkins | Sweet & Sour Nothings

ISBN 978-0-9811761-9-2

8.5×7, 22pp, /50, $10.00

Sold out.

Sweet & Sour Nothings was to be William Hawkins’ seventh book of poems. Announced in February 1980, the only appearance of these poems followed later in the year in an issue of Anthos. Following this appearance in Anthos, and a subsequent broadside (“Still Life”), Hawkins entered a period of extended publishing silence lasting until 2004. No material from Sweet & Sour Nothings appeared in 2005’s Dancing Alone (Broken Jaw), and it is not recorded in existing bibliographies or essays.

The text has been edited for this new edition by Roy MacSkimming.

Apt. 9 is privileged to be (re)publishing this long-lost Hawkins title, coinciding with the release of the Wm Hawkins Folio.

Poetry (October 2010)


10 December 2010 | “Poems in a sleep English village” (Guerilla #26, December 2010); Cameron Anstee on reading and publishing William Hawkins.

24 November 2010 | Allison Smith at The Wig spoke to Apt. 9 on the eve of the reading by William Hawkins, Leigh Nash and Peter Gibbon.

18 October 2010 | Amanda Earl reflects generously on new titles from Peter Gibbon and William Hawkins following the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair.

7 October 2010 | Sweet & Sour Nothings and the Wm Hawkins Folio are considered by rob mclennan

4 thoughts on “William Hawkins | Sweet & Sour Nothings

  1. I’m baffled. How do I order this book? I’ve clicked everything on this page that seems remotely relevant, and got only a blowup of the cover, and a look at another book I can’t order either. What am I missing? Is there a secret handshake?

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