Sandra Ridley | Rest Cure

Sold out

ISBN 978-0-9811761-3-0

8.5×7, 24pp, /50, $10.00 

Sandra Ridley’s Rest Cure is a remarkable lyric sequence, drawn from her second manuscript, Post-Apothecary. The full manuscript, “structured by forays into ideas of sickness, seclusion and disorientation,” was a finalist for the 2009 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry; find out why.

Poetry (September 2009)


18 September 2013 | Ryan Pratt revisits Rest Cure.

15 May 2010 | Jamie Bradley reviews Sandra Ridley’s Rest Cure

29 March 2010 | Amanda Earl on Sandra Ridley’s Rest Cure

1 August 2009 | rob mclennan reviews our first three books

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