Peter Gibbon | eating thistles

Sold out.

ISBN 978-1-926889-01-6

8.5×7, 19pp, /50, $10.00

eating thistles writes the failing body, failing government and failing trust in poems that, via resisting “easy answers,” arrive at small and beautiful sites of hope. Peter Gibbon situates the process of growing up along a series of sites where the idea of “home” is de-centred, yet comfort is still found in these uncertain spaces. eating thistles is an accomplished chapbook from a poet who has been quietly refining his work for years, marking Gibbon’s arrival as someone to keep an ear open for.

Poetry (September 2010)


25 November 2010 | Peter Gibbon reads from eating thistles at Raw Sugar Cafe, Ottawa

24 November 2010 | Allison Smith at The Wig spoke to Apt. 9 on the eve of the reading by William Hawkins, Leigh Nash and Peter Gibbon.

18 October 2010 | Amanda Earl reflects generously on new titles from Peter Gibbon and William Hawkins following the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair.

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