Nelson Ball | Minutiae

ISBN 978-1-926889-17-7

4.5×7, 36pp, /100, $10.00

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In 1991, jwcurry wrote of Nelson Ball’s work, “…his is a highly personal gesture, opening up a world’s worth of nuance with an absolute minimum of references, Nelson quietly standing in the middle saying ‘see?’” (1cent). Forty nine years after his first book, Room of Clocks, was published, Ball continues to write in his characteristically minimal mode. In Minutiae, the poet is still attuned to the subtle gestures of the human and natural worlds, but his focus has shifted to the processes of aging, decomposition, and renewal. Funny, sad, and poignant, Minutiae is Nelson Ball at his best.

A Note on the Cover: The cover illustration is a reproduction of a portrait of Nelson Ball drawn in pencil by Barbara Caruso in 1966. It was originally reproduced and issued with Ball’s Force Movements in 1969 by bpNichol’s Ganglia Press.

Poetry (February 2014)


21 June 2014 | Annis Karpenko calls Minutiae “a gorgeous collection of small, precise, wise details of experience and the natural world.”

13 April 2014 | Marilyn Irwin reviews Minutiae: “This is the kind of poetry the world needs more of.”

5 March 2014 | Pearl Pirie discusses Minutiae, “beautiful little thing that it is.”

14 February 2014 | rob mclennan describes Minutiae as “breathtaking”

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