Marilyn Irwin | the blue, blue there

Shortlisted for the 2016 bpNichol Chapbook Award.

ISBN 978-1-926889-22-1

11×4.5, 36pp, /80, $10.00

Apt. 9 is sold out. Please try Apollinaire’s Bookshoppe.

Across readings, chapbooks, and a number of magazine and anthology appearances, Marilyn Irwin has quietly established herself as a vital young poet. the blue, blue there pairs her minimalism, developed over recent years, with a new interest in (slightly) longer forms. These poems continue her exploration of small things in large contexts, occupying the ellipses of the world with care and humour : “i want, to be, if”

Poetry (June 2015)


13 June 2016 | Andrew Vaissius (Flat Singles Press): “Irwin has an engaging sense with her imagery […] writes short poems especially well.”

1 January 2016 | Pearl Pirie includes the blue, blue there in her best of 2015 list.

29 December 2015 | Ryan Pratt: “Grounded and gut-punching poems like “murder, old ottawa south” and the stratosphere-ricocheting “transmigration of the soul and other no-no’s” stake opposite ends of Irwin’s yardstick, respectively. But the vast middle tackles the likes of Kim Jong Un, a dead deer in the woods and the FLNJ (le Front pour le Liberation des Nains de Jardin) with a flexible curiosity that accepts the chaos of life, and demands revisiting.”

22 December 2015 | rob mclennan includes the blue, blue there in his 2015 roundup at Queens Mob Teahouse.

22 July 2015 | Pearl Pirie: “Good? Hands down. Hands up. We are not worthy. Jeez. Making the rest look bad.”

15 June 2015 | rob mclennan says that the poems in the blue, blue there are “quiet and sharp, insistently present and remarkably calm.”

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