Leah Mol | And I’ve Been Thinking Dangerously

Sold out.

ISBN 978-1-926889-06-1

8.5×7, 15pp, /50, $10.00

And I’ve Been Thinking Dangerously is a work of questions, freedoms and decisions. Its three sections, Apprehensions, Successions and Certainties, ask what can we know? How do we know? And how does one negotiate aging, especially when still young? Leah Mol’s training in both creative writing and journalism allow her to achieve a balance of freedom and precision that informs this brave book.

Creative Non-Fiction (August 2011)


29 January 2014 | Joshua Robinson reviews the chapbook at Weird Canada

18 September 2013 | Ryan Pratt revisits And I’ve Been Thinking Dangerously.

24 August 2011 | Leah Mol & Justin Million read at Raw Sugar Cafe, Ottawa (Full Reading)

18 August 2011| Christine McNair interviews Justin Million and Leah Mol about their “chapbooks,  science, modernism, life as a writerly couple, the line between fiction and non-fiction, influences from their studies at Carleton, their upcoming move to Vancouver, and the importance of confusion” on Literary Landscapes.

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