Justin Million | HADRON

Sold out.

ISBN 978-1-926889-07-8

8.5×7, 39pp, /50, $10.00

HADRON considers the tension, disparity, and overlap between how science and poetry seek to understand the world. It follows in the spirit of Guzzles, casting a broad, searching eye on the universe. At five sections and thirty nine pages, HADRON is a statement of intent from a young poet insistent upon the value of poetry as a way of simultaneously communicating and disrupting.

Poetry (August 2011)


24 August 2011 | Leah Mol & Justin Million read at Raw Sugar Cafe, Ottawa (Full Reading)

18 August 2011| Christine McNair interviews Justin Million and Leah Mol about their “chapbooks,  science, modernism, life as a writerly couple, the line between fiction and non-fiction, influences from their studies at Carleton, their upcoming move to Vancouver, and the importance of confusion” on Literary Landscapes.

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