Dave Currie | Bird Facts

ISBN 978-1-926889-21-4

8.5×5.5, 20pp, /80, $10.00

Sold out.

It has been said that no other group of beasts arouses as much interest as birds. Bird Facts is an irreverent encyclopedia of everything you’ve always wanted to know about birds, a number of things you didn’t want to know, and even more things that no one has ever known before. Learn about the ritual dances of the Albatross, why the Common Rubber Duck has few natural predators, what passes for yahtzee on Roadrunner family game night, why you shouldn’t eat the Pitohui, and so much more! Also included is the bonus Bird Fiction, “The Dodo’s Oblation.”

You’ve never read a book like Bird Facts. Read it.

Creative Micro Non-Fiction (November 2014)

Currie - Bird Facts_0001 copy


29 January 2015 | Michael Dennis on Bird Facts: “Dave Currie does the almost impossible, he makes, for a short period of time, birds the most interesting subject on the planet.  Currie’s creative micro-fiction/prose poems soar.”

10 December 2014 | Pearl Pirie on Bird Facts:”Seriously funny […] this is musical notation for language. Why should that be so rare?”

8 November 2014 | Dave Currie on CBC Radio’s In Town and Out.

7 November 2014 | Bird Facts launches at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair Pre-Fair Reading

30 October 2014 | Kate Hunt hosts Dave Currie on Literary Landscape to discuss Bird Facts


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