Ben Ladouceur | The Argossey

Sold out.

ISBN 978-0-9811761-4-7

8.5×7, 24pp, /50, $10.00

The Argossey re-writes The Odyssey through the lens of Odysseus’ dog, Argos. It introduces an alternate time scale and new considerations of loyalty to the epic. Ben Ladouceur, soon-to-be-temporary-Ottawa-ex-pat, continues to refine his careful poetic in this accomplished, twenty-four “book” poem.

Poetry (October 2009)


27 May 2013 | Amanda Earl “On Writing” (and  The Argossey)

10 April 2012 | Amanda Earl on biography in poetry (and Ben Ladouceur’s The Argossey)

4 June 2010 | Aaron Tucker reviews Ben Ladouceur’s The Argossey

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