The Delicious Fields & VERSefest

It’s been a busy week, but here we are with some completed projects.

First up, The Delicious Fields by Jeremy Hanson-Finger. Jeremy is an former Ottawa resident. He was a fixture in the In/Words community (who published his serial novella If I Make My Bed In Sheol that you can read here) as well as a founding editor at The Moose & Pussy. More recently, he is getting ready to launch a new little mag, Dragnet. Jeremy is an excellent writer. His ambition and work ethic show in every word he writes. The book is stitched and finished now. Look for a launch on the horizon! In the meantime, you can buy the book here, or email us.

Second, we have a pair of broadsides. In March, Ottawa will host it’s first annual poetry festival (of many we hope): VERSefest. This is an exciting initiative that is forging new relationships between the different poetry communities in our city. On the opening night, March 8, In/Words and The Moose & Pussy will host Michael Dennis and Ben Ladouceur. Apt. 9 has been lucky enough to get to work with both of these fine poets again in the production of a broadside from each to mark the reading. From Michael, we have there was a man who loved to murder. From Ben, TUKTOYUKTUK. We’re psyched, these are our first broadsides and we’re thrilled that Michael and Ben were generous enough to share their work. Do be there on the 8th, both are fantastic readers.

Be sure to look at the entire VERSefest lineup, among the other readers are Monty Reid and Sandra Ridley. We’ll be there, and hope to see you out.


Published by Cameron Anstee

Cameron Anstee lives and writes in Ottawa ON where he runs Apt. 9 Press and is pursuing a PhD in English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

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