A Belated Happy New Year!

Big news developing in Apt. 9.

First, new books! Michael Dennis’ how are you she innocently asked is stitched and ready for your eyes. The book is comprised of poems and short short stories, all marked by Dennis’ characteristic lack of bullshit. Dennis’ sustained energy over his years of publishing is a real inspiration here at Apt. 9, and we’re honoured that he’s gotten on board. The cover features an original linocut, hand printed for each book.

A reading will be happening in the not too distant future, details forthcoming, by Michael Dennis and Michael Blouin to formally launch their two Apt. 9 titles. In the meantime, email Apt. 9 to get your hands on copies.

On the heels of Michael Dennis comes Stuart Ross, Apt. 9’s first non-Ottawa resident. Ross will be reading in Ottawa on February 23 at the Tree Reading Series. The new chapbook is being printed to coincide with the reading. Ross is a hero of the small press, and continues to show his enthusiastic support for the chapbook form.

Ashly Dyck of the Ottawa Arts Review recently interviewed Apt. 9, and the Q&A will be found in the March edition of The Leveller.

The summer will see the first non-fiction title, focused on the books of William Hawkins. Stay tuned for the details. We’re incredibly excited about the development of the book and can’t wait for everyone to be able to see it. It will be an important object in Hawkins’ catalogue, and a must-have for anyone interested in his work.

We’re looking for other non-fiction proposals. Read the submission guidelines and send something to us!

We would also like to develop a email list to send these sorts of updates out. If you’re like periodic news about Apt. 9 titles and writers, send your email to apt9press@gmail.com

Backlist still available:
TWO BOYS carrying a box through a field .going somewhere | Michael Blouin (fiction)
The Argossey | Ben Ladouceur (poetry)
Guzzles | Justin Million (poetry)

Cheers, and stay warm,

Published by Cameron Anstee

Cameron Anstee lives and writes in Ottawa ON where he runs Apt. 9 Press and is pursuing a PhD in English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

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