Phil Hall | An Egregore

ISBN 978-1-926889-27-6

8.5×11, 15pp, /80, $10.00

Sold out.

Phil Hall’s An Egregore, written at Sage Hill in May 2016 during a retreat called “Kroetsching: The Long-Poem Sequence,” is a poem about Robert Kroetsch, about place, and about process. It is a long-poem about long-poems, as Hall has written before in works like The Bad Sequence, a part of his ongoing exploration of that form and of form and influence more broadly. As Hall writes, “The moment / / continues disunity.”

Poetry (April 2017)

Hall - An Egregore.jpg


October 2017: Joseph Labine, Bywords: “An Egregore is Hall’s best recent poetry.”

6 July 2017: rob mclennan: “The poem, an essay and meditation on the long poem/collage (as well as his own sense of how he arrived to compose such a thing), as much of Hall’s work, is firmly rooted in the ground on which he stands, but in this case, he is standing somewhere far different than his Eastern Ontario rural. Hall has always had an element of the magpie, collecting fragments, phrases and bits of string for his poems, yet this one is composed in the group setting of a Colloquium retreat, aware of the individuals and ideas surrounding and swirling him that have been absorbed into this piece (a list of those included in the presence of this poem are included in the notes).”

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