Nelson Ball | A Letter to Amanda Bernstein and a Checklist of Weed/Flower Press

ISBN 978-1-926889-30-6

5.5×8.5, 32pp, /100, $10.00

Read the full chapbook as a pdf.

Sold out.

Nelson Ball, legendary small press poetry, publisher, and bookseller, has historically resisted offering public statements on his life’s work in the small press. A Letter to Amanda Bernstein and a Checklist of Weed/Flower Press is, as Ball notes, his “sole attempt to write about Weed/Flower Press,” and in its pages he offers comments on the books and authors he published, as well as his motivations as a publisher. It is an astonishing, insightful, and vital document from one of our most important small press figures.

Non-Fiction (June 2019)


1 July 2019: rob mclennan: “For someone such as myself, interested in poetry and publishing, the history of small press generally and Nelson Ball specifically, this collection is absolute gold: beautifully produced, gracefully compiled and rich with new commentary from Ball on numerous elements of his Weed/Flower Press, and by Cameron Anstee, who has been quietly and methodically spending his attention on that which might otherwise have been completely lost.”

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