Michael e. Casteels | solar-powered light bulb and the lake’s achy tooth

ISBN 978-1-926889-25-2

6.5×6.5, 33pp, /80, $10.00

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Michael e. Casteels, editor and publisher of Puddles of Sky Press (Kingston), is among the most deliberate and careful (and exciting!) micro press publishers operating in Canada. This attention to detail and interest in experiment carry into his writing. solar-powered light bulb and the lake’s achy tooth is a collection of typewriter-composed concrete poems exploring miniature forms and blank space. It is the culmination of years of Casteels’s work in concrete and visual forms and is his most accomplished set of typewriter works to date. These are funny, sad, and beautiful poems that push thoughtfully at the edges of lyric and concrete.

Poetry (November 2015)

lakes achy tooth




28 November 2016 | Cary Fagan at Word Music: “These poems remind us not only modesty’s virtue but also of its beauty.”

16 May 2016 | Ellie Hastings at Flat Singles Press: “Casteels moulds his page with attention to detail; the space allows for awareness of the word as Casteels picks away at sound, shape, and function. What is really beautiful about this chapbook is its elegance in form and the type’s seduction of white space.”

15 December 2015 | Amanda Earl: “What I love about them and what will make me return to them is their elegance and their shape. White space and the shape taken up by each poem is part of the beauty of this chapbook.”

17 November 2015 | rob mclennan: “There is such a quality of meditative calm in Casteels’ poems, set down with incredible density, but a remarkable amount of silence and breath.”

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